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Moroccan accents, peacock feathers and jewel tones

For my July 2010 wedding, I wanted to do something with peacock feathers.  While peacocks are native to South Asia, they are known to inhabit other areas and so I settled on the mystique of Morocco as a backdrop to feature beautiful peacock feathers and their gorgeous jewel tones.

Hindu mythology associates peacocks with the god Lakshmi. The feathers thus represent his qualities: kindness, patience and good fortune.  Feathers are also a symbol of renewal.  While many cultures view the symbolism of peacocks and peacock feathers differently, I chose to use them simply because of their beauty.


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nylorac nylorac 4 years 5 weeks
i love the post! thanks for sharing; also i may have to steal some of your ideas. the wine motif resonated a lot with me!