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Morosity of an immigrant..

Hum first time i write a post,that's weird..
For the opening of my suite ,i'm gonna talk about sthg that cares to me: my life as an immigrant..
My nationality is french as we can all see but my roots,my soul belongs to an another country furthermore an another continent..
Beside the facts that i luv france ,i luv living there,buildin' my life there i always felt that there was sthg missing..
I don't know if u already felt that way but that's what i feel everyday...I miss the smells,the ppl who talk loudly,the promiscuity,the warmth..i miss u my luv maybe we'll be reunited one day...
Have a nice day everybody!

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crisss crisss 9 years 33 weeks
This deep longing never dies. It's deeply rooted inside every immigrant :) Wishing you some sorf of relief, somehow :)