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Mr and Mrs. Smith: Unrated Love Scene

Well the title explains it all. There is nothing very explict here but I assure you had Doug Liman kept this version of the love scene MAMS wouldn't have been rated PG-13.

iffi iffi 4 years 47 weeks
I think this is the scene which brought these two very close to each other because it, so real and they started their romance efter this very nice
Taylinnnnnnnlove Taylinnnnnnnlove 5 years 16 weeks
who cares about there personal life? get over it. your not a part of it.
jennypalmpizzo jennypalmpizzo 5 years 26 weeks
Sooooooooo hot! Jesus. Best sex scene ever imo. They really are a beautiful couple.
ssibalnomdle ssibalnomdle 6 years 22 weeks
scotlandrulz scotlandrulz 6 years 26 weeks
gay hate them both!! Reese Witherspoon + Nicole Kidman + Michelle Pfeiffer Tom Hanks + James McAvoy + Jake Gyllenhaal My Dream Cast XXXX xxx XX x
anjanette_o18 anjanette_o18 6 years 26 weeks
yah you are right this is unrated scene :ROTFL: parental guidance is recommended :ROTFL:
bellydancinmary bellydancinmary 6 years 27 weeks
I must say, I agree with LittleMel. I wish I could have sex like that. With Love, MaRy!
iambibs iambibs 6 years 27 weeks
Wow. I don't care what everybody says, Brad and Angelina are hot. Watching this is like watching some secret home sex tape of the couple. Seriously, I love them.
mdreaming mdreaming 6 years 27 weeks
Well, I thought so...
LittleMel LittleMel 6 years 28 weeks
aahhh the sex we all dream of...
chitrolo chitrolo 6 years 28 weeks
wonder if this mirrors reality at all..
Christine1ca Christine1ca 6 years 29 weeks
all the homewrecker comments! i heard that's why they kept it out of the movie...
tralaladdy tralaladdy 6 years 29 weeks
wow, razpharr. that's harsh. and brad? why isn't he the homewrecker?
MeganLeAnn MeganLeAnn 6 years 29 weeks
Oh my! IS RIGHT!
razpharr razpharr 6 years 29 weeks
She slept with and stole another women's husband. She's still and always will be a homewrecker - no matter how many babies her and Brad have together.
Flisbeth Flisbeth 6 years 29 weeks
Oh my!
Nooooooo jpdmom. This is just a scene in a movie. This doesn't mean they did anything while Brad was still married. You know falling in love with someone is more than just physical feelings. I am sure there was more emotion than anything sexual.
jpdmom jpdmom 6 years 30 weeks
Gee I would say it is pretty obvious they were having an affair during the making of that movie.
Xsqumee Xsqumee 6 years 30 weeks
Sorry lost for words
Xsqumee Xsqumee 6 years 30 weeks
mominator mominator 6 years 31 weeks
Wonder if there love life is this dramatic at home :)