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Muslims attack Fire & Police

The video is an interview with members of the Swedish fire and police department that work in the muslim areas. The muslims say they act out in a violent manner because they do not feel part of Swedish society. The say the police can not rule over them.

The question should be is why Muslims refuse to assimilate, no matter where they go.


cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 32 weeks
If they choose to move anywhere they need to embrace the culture...and the language. I concur UnDave.... it annoys me to no end that we pay outrageous amounts of money to print everything in other languages. Out of respect when one moves to a new country you should learn their language. At work I have made it official that while on duty you MUST speak English. There was some upset people BUT I stated this was important to them growing in their must hone your English skills by using the language. I spent six months on a survey about language in the workplace. Patients who were English only felt that their healthcare was compromised if those who were taking care of them were ineffective in communicating in English. While so many special interest groups believe we need to cater to those who don't speak English---we have moved from the idea that we should have those same considerations as English-only. We are a English speaking nation. English has been historically the "official" language of world-wide commerce. I think many of the Muslim groups (and any others) who chose to not assimilate into a culture to some degree should simply go back to where they came from. Moving there was their choice---it was not forced upon them.
Eleuthera Eleuthera 6 years 32 weeks
While I wish to be fair without falling into the area of politically correct, this problem has been growing in epidemic proportions and the mosques are a central source of the problem. They are highly insular and will only allow those who are well known and familiar to hear the messages of hate, most of which are thinly veiled but everyone knows what they mean. What I cannot stand is how many (an to be fair, not all) will tell you about peace to your face but act on some horrible principle of vengeance and hate on the other! Sorry, but when the first one starts marching near me and carries some sign that says "Death to the Infidels" I am going to test out the scope on my brother in law's hunting rifle. The worst part about all this is that we have become powerless to do anything about much of it except wait for them to commit some heinous crime.
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 33 weeks
What an outrageous commentary on the practices and beliefs of islam in those areas. Clearly the Mosques are doing nothing to stop such activity, and they sure as hell could if that was their desire. I am surprised that the community countenances those attacks on fire trucks. Talk about cutting of ones nose to spite his face.
samantha999 samantha999 6 years 33 weeks
I agree. Cut off emergency response and see what happens. But first move the native Swedes out to a safer area.
UnDave35 UnDave35 6 years 33 weeks
Here's my take on this, either kick them out of the country, or build a fence around their neighborhood, and let them know that if they want any of the services (electricity, water from something other than a well, sewer) they can become Swedish. If they don't want to be part of the Swedish culture, they don't get the benefit of the comes with living in Sweden. Incidently, I feel the same way about people in America, who refuse to acclimate (like learn English).
samantha999 samantha999 6 years 33 weeks
I just think they don't want to. They want us to. They have learned that violence pays.
skb9850 skb9850 6 years 33 weeks
My guess would be because Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. They have an economic model spelled out along with a justice system as well as the religion. Since western culture clashes with most parts of the economic and justice system they believe in, I would guess they feel they can't assimilate. :shrug: