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Pug Statue
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My Author Pets Are Amazing!

Patterson & Emmy have taken some gems together since we got Emmy December 8th.  They are very photogenic (and I stalk them with a camera at times...)


They are my author pets because of their names, btw!

Patterson (James Patterson)

Emerson (Ralph Waldo)

And my next dog will be Grisham and next kitten Sally (Salinger)

My Author Pets Are Amazing! Emmy Growing Up & Getting loooong My pets in their sleeping positions.Good Morning Sunshine! Looking out for her. Sweet & Sassy Sunlight Sunshine on a winter day.Looking out the window, his usual perch. Love this, Emmy sneaking up. Absolute Perfection!She walks all over him...Loves to hide in blankets. Bexley came over...Best pals sharing a meal. Patty always wants what he has...Mr. America Looks like an Gnome kiss! She has taken over the whole houseButton nose. Cute face! On this day he just had had enough of Emmy! Obviously he wanted her out of his bed. He can barely stand this. Curled up, I have this same pic of Patter! For some reason this now resides in my home????Patterson's winter shots. I can never tired of that faceThey love being together! First full day together.These animals were so pooped on Christmas day. See. Priceless. The day we got Emmy! Patterson meet Emmy! He wanted in...
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ladyr ladyr 6 years 11 weeks
Great photos!
Happsmjc Happsmjc 6 years 13 weeks
Aww thanks Pet! There are my best buds! I never get tired of seeing their faces!!! I have been out of town for 5 days and came home to see this! How exciting! I also missed them so much and came home with a bag of goodies from Moochie & Co. for Patterson and Emmy! They love these bubbles I got and keep chasing them around--I highly recommend them!