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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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My Birthday Beauty Haul

So I turned 23 this week, and since I'm single at the moment I treated myself to a birthday present(s) at Sephora. Here it is:

Product Descriptions:
1.Makeup forever diamond powder in smoky #15 described as taupe gray shimmer- looks a lot more brown in person than in the sephora website (looks like the picture on the very top when you look up diamond powder)
Smashbox photofinish light- I LOVE this stuff! I have combination skin with oily patches and this stuff allows me to be oil slick free all day! A definite necessity for the hot summer months

2. DDF 10% Sulfur Mask- I was looking for a weekly mask for oily skin and blemishes and the guy says this stuff is the top seller for those concerns. smells bad, but i tried it out last night before bed and my ever growing hormonal pimple on my chin has shrunk dramatically! I will let you guys know how it pans out. also let me know other masks you guys like, i love to pamper myself.

3. MAC eyeshadow in Tempting described as a sinfully rich coco- as you can see i'm into browns, plus i'm wearing an outfit tonight with some browns :) (I didnt get this at sephora, got it at macys, but on the same day)

4. Exclusive sample for hitting 100 beauty points: GHD Thermal Protector for normal/fine hair- I definitely put my hair through a lot of heat so I will be trying this out. plus the sample was really big 1.7fl oz- so i might get more than one chance to try it out

(NOT PICTURED: Purity Made Simple Cleanser- it's in my bathroom and too lazy to get it! LOL But i love this cleanser and i strayed and now have come back to it. Takes off all the makeup nicely)

So there you go...Thanks me for all the beauty-full birthday presents :)

em1282 em1282 8 years 5 h
Feliz cumpleanos :) Enjoy your new goodies!
lily8206 lily8206 8 years 6 h
Happy Birthday! Great haul!
kahribar kahribar 8 years 19 h
Happy Birthday!!!
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 8 years 1 day
Happy birthday! You got a great haul! I'm especially interested in that DDF mask, so be sure and review it for us in a bit!
scully22 scully22 8 years 1 day
Hope you had a great birthday!!!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years 2 days
Great haul. I also love Purity Made Simple Cleanser, it really melts off make-up. Happy Birthday!
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 8 years 2 days
Nice haul! Happy Birthday! _________________________ Livin' la vida loca!
sofi sofi 8 years 2 days
Happy Birthday to you!!! :cake: Yes, I've heard great things about the sulfur mask also. Would love a review. Nice haul- nice that you treated yourself. Enjoy :)
details2 details2 8 years 2 days
I've been wanting to try the DDF Sulfur Mask! Please do a review in a few weeks once you've had a chance to see the results. Happy Birthday!
Beachwalker Beachwalker 8 years 2 days
Happy Birthday cg!!! :cake: