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My Daily Routine

When I'm not going anywhere or don't feel like much makeup I use this simple routine
Cleanse my face.  Usually I use a cleanse by Murad.  Occasionally I switch to a facial bar like Clinque or Sometimes Caress when I want a creamy feeling.
Brush my teeth.

Apply a moisturizer.  I use Clean & Clear.
Next eyecream, a gel by Avon then a concealer around the eyes.  I use a concealer in a tube by Stila.
I stroke my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil velvet black by Mabelline.
Next my lipstick and I pat on my foundation.
There was one time when I only used an oil free makeup but as I got older I found that the moisturizing foundations were fine for me.
Sometimes I just put a little blush on without the foundation and I'm ready to go.

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