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My Double Life

Hi! My name is L.. I have a 9-5 and a hustle..

My 9-5 is with a performing rights org where I am a Business Analyst with a focus on training. I spend most of my day approving business requirements for a company wide application we are developing. As parts of the application go live, I get to build the training materials (powerpoint presentation, manual, handouts, graphics-charts and process flows) and prepare for User Acceptance Testing. Usually, I get to also lead the training and present the materials I have built. That is by far my favorite part. In addition, I am learning to build something called context sensitive help for the application. I use a tool called RoboHelp to add instructions for each page of the application. (like when you click on help in microsoft office programs)

As for my hustle, I am a rep for Mark. I loved their lip gloss and have been getting all of my friends addicted. I am trying to do more fundraisers because I want to contribute to the community. My first fundraiser type event is next week.. I blogged about it on my page.. (if you are interested in learning more about mark.. message me :-) )

I'm curious to see what everyone else does for a living.. :-D

trishieness trishieness 8 years 38 weeks
Hustle real hard - hustle hustle real hard...
Orchid23 Orchid23 8 years 40 weeks
WoW you have a cool sounding job, I'm in the process of getting into that similar field my self, I am working for an IT consultanting company based in the DC metro area, I'm in the recruiting department but I really do lots around here, I help with recruiting, HR admin support and do alot of hands-on marketing of company (proposals, client material, branding etc.) currently I was given the opportunity to join one of our teams at the client site, FDA (Food & Drug Administration), to help with redesigning there existing portal interface. Being a young professional I am very eager and excitied about this project I have already learned alot and am looking to be more hands-on technically & learn the business backend process of this. On the side I do peoples hair, and offer Graphic Design independant consultanting.... But in real life I really dont know what I want to do for the rest of do want to go back to school, and currently I'm thinking I'd like to study Elementary Education or study Forensic Science. But I def. want to get my Cosmotology License to do on the side, as a hobby i guess since i enjoy it so much. So how is Mark going for you? I love Avon used to sell it a well back, but never tried the Mark line - Orchid23
studio524 studio524 8 years 41 weeks
That sounds like a great job, L! You have a lot of control over the presentation for your application. That's good, in my opinion. Great - in fact. More, you are able to gain perspective from a variety of vantage points. I would think that has to be the ultimate reward: Actually seeing your creation being accepted and put to work.
Rachie-Rees Rachie-Rees 8 years 41 weeks
Thanks, that sounds like a real cool job, that has a lot if invovlement through the process, must be very full on? It is good to see you enjoy it, I hope others join this group and add their own blogs as well! Please feel free to add more on work, I am curious and am doing a business studies course, so any input would be helpful. " Always look on the bright side of life" Rachie Rees