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My Dream Cast for Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood

magnus bane and alec

Who else if weren't Darren Criss, the openly gay in hit series Glee for Magnus Bane
while the cute pouty Douglas Booth for Alec Lightwood.

They look so perfect for each other and the best homographic ever!

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darkwitchery darkwitchery 4 years 15 weeks
Thanks for loving my alec :-) you're fan of adam? btw i love his previous mtv - 'for your entertainment', actually i think that kinda image is pretty much like magnus. if darren for some reason will not be playing magnus, i think adam would be fine for me too although he isnt my first choice. he is dazzling fashionista and plus a phenomenal singer! btw, his latest album - better than i know myself is out for grab. Im going to get it soon.
PandaMaster PandaMaster 4 years 15 weeks
Now I love Darren Criss as much as the next person, however, I truly don't think he is a good choice for Magnus. Sure he's a great actor and makeup could help a lot. But he's still not tall enough. Plus, I have my heart set on Adam Lambert <3 I do like your Alec though :D