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My Favorite Sports Movies

This particular list was difficult for me to compile because I love sports movies.  I love the adversarial nature of both sports and sports movies; it's great to have someone to cheer for and someone to root against.  I love the jitters over the big game, the desire of the characters to be the best.  And to me, that's what truly great sports movies are about:  the characters.  A good sports movies makes you forget about the sport and focus on the people playing it.  You want the underdog to overcome the odds because he's worked hard and he deserves it.  You want to aging star to have one last shot at glory.  You want the fallen hero to redeem himself.  I've never been an athlete, but I typically identify with the athletes in these films.  I think in a way we all do.  Why?  Because we've all felt like the underdog at one point or another; we've all wanted another shot to be great; we've all wanted forgiveness for our mistakes.  So, without further ado, here are my top ten sports movies of all time:

10. Jerry Maguire

9. Rudy

8. Hoosiers

7. A League of Their Own

6. Major League

5. The Natural

4. Bull Durham

3. Caddyshack

2. Rocky

1. Raging Bull

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