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If you had to descride your labor experience.....
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My Girls

Let me tell you about raising a near three year went from being an angel to little miss sassy!!! They get so independent and fight you tooth and nail. It can be cute..sometimes!!! I can see my youngest observing and learning it all from her older sisiter. I wonder what she will be like???

JuJuSugar JuJuSugar 8 years 40 weeks
Haha that's so cute! Copying from the master, is she? I remember I had cousins who were both girls, around 3 years difference in age. They had the most fun growing up - they play like crazy together, then they have a huge fight and next thing you know, they're playing like crazy together again! :)
urchin7980 urchin7980 8 years 40 weeks
Shara Gonzalez I ireally am hoping that the little one is different in personality...I mean she already is but still she is learning from the master right now. I would never trade in my girls for boys....boys are just as hard especially when young....they are so rough and loud and just bratty...LOL!!! Iwould like to have a boy one day though also.
chatty-smiles chatty-smiles 8 years 40 weeks
Girls can be a challenge..but so cute..
Schaianne Schaianne 8 years 40 weeks
Give her time ... she'll probably be totally opposite, haha! ;)