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Homemade Green Chile & Ham Frozen Breakfast Burritos
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My Kitchen...New Orleans Style

Partysugar's kitchen organization guide inspired me to post some shots of my own setup. Here's a tour of my New Orleans shotgun house kitchen. Hope you enjoy!

My Kitchen...New Orleans StyleHere's my kitchen facing the wash area.
Top left of the sink is where I keep my everyday glassware...juice, water and togo cups for coffee.
Top right is for assorted collectable plastic cups (Mardi Gras throws, favorite local restaurants and festivals), and mugs for coffee/tea. On the bottom shelf are hand blown margarita glasses.
A closeup of the voudoo dolls over the sink. Keeps the bad kitchen spirits away. ;) The backsplash is reclaimed beadboard salvaged from old NOLA houses.
Below the sink is storage for trash bags, dishwasher pills, and cleaning supplies.
To the left of the range, I keep skillets, saucepans, colander, mixing bowls, plastic storage containers and my Oxo salad spinner.
Pull out drawers with storage staples: parchment, sandwich bags and foil.
Takeout menu drawer: for those nights you just don't feel like cooking.
On the counter to the left of the range are canisters for pancake mix, brown rice and coffee (an essential).
The cabinets near the stove are where I keep savory stuff like marinades, sauces and spices.
Top left of the stove is storage for olive oil, vinegars, marinades, spice rubs, honey, maple syrup, and Texas bbq sauce.
Top right is rice, pastas, dried herbs, spices, hot sauces (you can never have too many brands in Louisiana), and Sriracha (my favorite!)
Inside the pull out drawer to the right of the stove is storage for silverware, knives, tongs, citrus juicers, potato chip clips, kitchen towels and whisks. This is my most used space.
I'm lucky enough to have this beautiful cypress wood pantry. Up top I keep all serving ware, dishes and wine glasses.
I tend to lean towards modern white dishware -- like you would find in a restaurant or cafe. The hot chocolate mugs with orange spoons are from CB2.
Colorful chili bowls contrast with the rest of my white dishware...and some ridiculously tall wine glasses from CB2. I love them!
Down below, pantry staples like canned beans, tuna, stocks, vegetables and soups. Also some random asian food products (like rice noodles) that I haven't attempted to cook yet.
I was able to fit in a small bar height table in the center of the kitchen.
A view of the dining area and fridge.
This cabinet next to my fridge features a hidden compartment for mixers and bar accessories up top (wine tags, koozies and flasks!), wine racks in the middle and glass doors below for bottle storage.
Everyone needs a well stocked bar...right?
I try to save every beer cap. Thinking of doing something fun with them one day...maybe a mosaic tabletop.
A tin pail in the corner offers a place to stash extra Mardi Gras beads. I just can't force myself to get rid of them.
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primerstar6 primerstar6 4 years 23 weeks
gorgeous kitchen!
Caitie64 Caitie64 4 years 24 weeks
I love your kitchen! It has a real personality to it! And the bucket of bottle caps is a nice touch!
POPSUGAR-Food POPSUGAR-Food 4 years 27 weeks
I am so jealous of this kitchen! It is awesome. Love the Nola theme.
danixk danixk 4 years 27 weeks
i love your color choices! everything goes together perfectly with a nice touch of the big easy!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 4 years 27 weeks
I love it! It's very New Orleans (in a good way). There's so much green, but someone it manages to not be too much green. I think the backsplash and the voodoo dolls are my favorite touches, but everything is great!
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 4 years 27 weeks
Love the seafood them of your kitchen and the reclaimed beadboard as a backsplash is a great idea.
TulaneJeff TulaneJeff 4 years 28 weeks
Indeed--I am a Target fiend. My breadbox is also from Target...haha.
Mavs2980 Mavs2980 4 years 28 weeks
I love the kitchen. Thanks for sharing! Someone is obviously a Target shopper. I have the same canister set in red and like them so much better than my last set.