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My New Years Resolution....

I've been running and cycling for years and consider myself pretty competent at them. This year, I want to learn to swim. I'm not a bad swimmer now, but I am not technically proficient or anything.

Since I have had all these arm, shoulder, elbow injuries for the past two years from my surfing, swimming seems like a good way to get the upper bod good, strong and injury resistant for the rigors of surfing around the bay area.

SOOOOO anyway, there's this great organization called US Masters Swimming that is basically a high school swim team practice for old fogies like me. I'm gonna try and go twice a week before work...So far so good.

What's your new years fitness resolution?

Arthur Arthur 8 years 19 weeks
after my own heart there abby. love long bike rides. good luck!
AbbyHintz AbbyHintz 8 years 20 weeks
Spinning 2X/week; then participate in at least two 60 mile rides this summer.