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My baby Chauncey...

I got Chauncey in November 2008 from a pet store in our city.   My dad had died in September 2008 and our house was just not the same.  When I was younger, I was never allowed to get a pet as my dad and mom didn't think we would take care of it (probably true) but after what happened to my dad, I believed getting a puppy was going to help a lot...the kind of therapy we needed!

Since then, he definitely is the centre of our lives!  If he wasn't around, I don't know what my family would be like now.  He is so attached to my mom, which I think really helps her out, she has someone to take care of and spend time with. love! :)

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gardeniagirl07 gardeniagirl07 6 years 37 weeks
I love this photo of Chauncey with a black bow tie. That is a really sweet photo of him. Thanks for sharing him with us!
LaLiza LaLiza 6 years 37 weeks
He is adorable. :-)
ladyr ladyr 6 years 37 weeks
He is so cute!! Great photos!