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How do I Care for Cast Iron Pans?
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My family does not want Turkey this year for Christmas, so I am having spiral Ham, what sides would be good? want to try new.

Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 4 years 25 weeks
Maryvee, if you haven't seen our post about your question yet, check it out!
maryvee maryvee 4 years 27 weeks
BTW made this twice already! everyone loved them!
maryvee maryvee 4 years 28 weeks
Thank You Lauren! OMG! I am definitely making the mashed potatoes with leeks, goat cheese and chives! actually I cant wait till Christmas for that, I'm trying it this weekend!!
lauren lauren 4 years 28 weeks
Oh I love a change at Thanksgiving! Ham is really delicious, one of the easiest things to do is to try a new potato recipe like one with leeks and goat cheese like these! Or have a bunch of veggie sides like these! Can't wait to hear what you make!