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Hi belly worshiper's looks whats new in town to cover your bump !
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My first pregnancy

I was about 6 months along here, when hubby and I took a Baby Moon to Turks and Caikos! Well, good thing we did, because we have not been anywhere tropical since, and who knows how long before we get to do it again. I am now expecting baby #2.
My son was born August 6, 2006.

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Hi belly worshiper's looks whats new in town to cover your bump ! How To Look Good By The Pool Rude Comments on Pregnancy Baby Belly with #1 Belly Worship: Jennifer Loomis Belly Worship: Mother Nurture 8 months pregnant
pink4444 pink4444 8 years 5 days
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years 3 weeks
You look so great and that place looks incredible!
uacosj uacosj 8 years 3 weeks
so cute
sofi sofi 8 years 3 weeks
Aww, you look gorgeous and what lovely pictures! Yeah, I have not gone on a tropical vacation since before my two were born. We are getting to the point that we'll be doing family destination getaways soon.
littlemissme littlemissme 8 years 3 weeks
That looks so wonderful! Seems like an amazing vacation :D You look cute :prego:
Annika2494003 Annika2494003 8 years 3 weeks
So cute! You look incredible! I want to dive right into that water!
areidz areidz 8 years 3 weeks
That must have been such a wonderful vacation.. I'm sure you'll be able to go again! People take their kids with them.. it doesn't mean the end of spectacular vacations :) I wish you luck with your new baby... and it seems like your little one will be turning two! How perfect :)
Candace04 Candace04 8 years 3 weeks
wow! you looked great during your pregnancy!!