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My lost earrings

I have lost 2 different earrings this past couple of months. Some of you will say, SO WHAT!, well... I really like them and feel the dumbest person for losing them!!! I don't lose a lot of earrings, so I remember some of them.

I remember the first earring I lost that I miss the most, Still have the other earring, still use it, with another earring, I don't care, I like it!

Later, I will post photos.

Dayzee Dayzee 6 years 10 weeks thats it! think ppl swap or sell or give them but also tell u what store they seen them in good luck xxx
Dayzee Dayzee 6 years 10 weeks
There is a site which matches up dead earrings but i cant reemeber what its called - upload a pic - and if someone else has any they swap you - good idea innit! Ill just google the name - wish i had kept mine!!
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years 22 weeks
These cats I did find them in internet, they are not mine, I want them, but I don't have them…yet.
rgrl rgrl 8 years 22 weeks
These cat earrings are absolutely adorable!!!
chancleta chancleta 8 years 23 weeks
tragic i held on to the match of a lost earring for years before i finally let it go
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years 23 weeks
I get so sad when I lose an earing. Part of it is that I get mad that I've been walking around all day with just one of a pair of earrings, and then the other part is all sad that I lost it. :-( I, too, still hold on to the earring--in part since I have cartiledge piercings, and specifically have a different number of holes on each side, so that I can mix and match. It's tough, though, with bigger ones :-/.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years 23 weeks
uh.. i want those earrings!