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Celebrities At 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala; Sharon Stone
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NEW Bel Ami Scenes from MTV Russia

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Wish these scenes weren't dubbed over though :/

I need to see this movie..NOW!!!!!!


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RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 4 years 18 weeks
@TRH37: I so agree, Rob has some damn sexy serious and angry stares in this role that really turn me on! :drool: And Uma is so right about Rob, he's so passionate and dedicated to his acting that is one of the many many many things I am so in love with about him. Even though some of the attention he gets is uncomfortable he never lets it get to him too much. He enjoys his work and that is what is most important to him. I just fall more and more in love with him the more I see of him, the more he grows as both an actor and a person, and the more I learn about him. *sigh* :love:
Jrpattz Jrpattz 4 years 18 weeks
I need to see this movie, like, NOW! Rob really comes across with his natural sex appeal. I just can't wait until March. "if that is really when we get to see it!! I'll be in Rob heaven, even though he plays the role of a cad"........... I'm soooooooo in love with him.
TRH37 TRH37 4 years 19 weeks
WOW!!! I want this film now as well. Holy Crow....the sexual tension. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last clip of him by the door when he sees that girl on the arm of the other man. That look is what I love about him. That stare,it's the BEST!!!! Takes my breathe away. YIKES!!! He is just so damn GORGEOUS!!!! So, can't wait for this film. :) xoxox There is an article out there about Uma's reference to Rob in this movie., and she does say how Rob is Dedicated and passionate and hard worker and serious and wants it to be the BEST it can be. I read it. But, I can't remember what site. :)
RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 4 years 19 weeks
Damn, if only my Russian Twifans friend hasn't been MIA for a while now, I would ask her to translate the scene parts. Plus she is a huge Rob fan too so she would enjoy seeing this. They're really good I caught Rob saying 'doing bad stuff' in his first interview blurb and then Uma Therman saying something about 'Dedicated and passionate about his career' which I assume she meant either Rob or George. I tried really hard but that is all I could catch behind the dub. I want this film now too!