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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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NOTD *Fix-up*

So I originally painted my nails last night with a Fall worthy color. A dark polish that made me fall for OPI and you all know how much I post China Glaze, I have a small little place in my heart for OPI now. This color is Black Cherry Chutney from the India collection. I love this color and I actually don't know why so many girls rave for Lincoln Park after dark. Its bascially an almost black polish... whatever floats your boat I guess?

A few hours ago I came from Target and saw a clear green polish from Cover Girl in Crystal Mist. I painted my thumb nail over the B.C.C polish and it was PRETT--TY! I ended up painting all my nails in the store! I know it's bad and I should have done it. My nails were clean and I don't have any kind of finger fungus so...its okay right.. I'm not the only one that has done this before right??? Oh well.