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All my nails from my blog

Here you can find all the nails I've done so far.

Nail polish swatches20th August 200822nd August 200827th August 200829th August 200831st August 20084th September 20088 September 200813th September 200824th September 20088th October 2008October 30th 2008November 3rd 2008January 6th 2009January 16th 2009March 23rd 2009March 24th 2009March 24th 2009March 25th 2009March 27th 2009March 28th 2009March 29th 2009March 31st 2009April 1st 2009April 1st 2009April 3rd 2009April 3rd 2009 April 5th 2009April 8th 2009April 9th 2009April 11th 2009April 11th 2009April 12th 2009April 14th 2009April 14th 2009April 15th 2009April 16th 2009April 17th 2009April 18th 2009April 18th 200919th April 200920th April 200921st April 200923rd April 200925th April 200926th April 200927th April 200928th April 200928th April 200929th April 200930th April 2009May 1st 20093rd May 20093rd May 2009May 4th 2009May 5th 2009May 6th 2009May 6th 2009May 7th 2009May 9th 2009May 10th 2009May 11th 2009May 12th 2009May 12th 2009May 13th 2009May 18th 2009May 19th 2009May 20th 2009 May 22nd 2009May 25th 2009May 28th 2009May 29th 2009May 31st 2009June 4th 2009June 7th 2009June 8th 2009June 10th 2009June 12th 2009June 16th 2009June 18th 2009June 20th 2009June 21st 2009June 25 2009June 27 2009June 30 2009July 1 2009July 8th 2009July 9th 2009July 22nd 2009July 25th 2009July 25th 2009July 26th 2009July 27th 2009July 28th 2009July 30th 2009August 2nd 2009August 3rd 2009August 4th 2009August 7th 2009August 7th 2009August 9th 2009August 9th 2009August 11th 2009August 11th 2009August 15th 2009August 16th 2009August 17th 2009August 17th 2009August 18th 2009August 19th 2009August 20th 2009August 23rd 2009September 12th 2009Septermber 27th 2009November 11th 2009November 2nd 2009November 4th 2009December 20th 2009 December 30th 2009January 1st 2010January 1st 2010 January 1st 2010January 2nd 2010January 3rd 2010January 10th 2010January 10th 2010January 16th 2010January 16th 2010January 20th 2010January 22nd 2010January 30th 2010January 31st 2010February 2nd 2010February 23rd 2010March 6th 2010March 6th 2010March 13th 2010March 18th 2010March 18th 2010April 3rd 2010April 5th 2010April 10th 2010April 7th 2010April 12th 2010May 6th 2010May 9th 2010May 10th 2010May 12th 2010May 13th 2010May 16th 2010May 22nd 2010May 31st 2010June 12th 2010June 26th 2010June 24th 2010June 30th 2010July 2nd 2010July 4th 2010July 9th 2010July 12th 2010July 14th 2010July 17th 2010July 21st 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 3rd 2010July 23rd 2010July 23rd 2010July 25th 2010July 27th 2010July 28th 2010July 31st 2010July 31st 2010August 2nd 2010August 3rd 2010August 3rd 2010August 4th 2010August 4th 2010August 4th 2010August 6th 2010August 6th 2010August 7th 2010August 8th 2010August 9th 2010August 10th 2010August 10th 2010August 11th 2010August 11th 2010August 12th 2010August 13th 2010August 14th 2010August 16th 2010August 17th 2010August 17th 2010August 18th 2010August 21st 2010August 23rd 2010August 27th 2010August 28th 2010August 29th 2010August 30th 2010September 1st 2010September 1st 2010
CCee CCee 7 years 29 weeks
Thank you!!
Sexy-Queen Sexy-Queen 7 years 29 weeks
Gosh!!! Absolutely stunning, wish my nails were as gorgeous as yours...I was so teased looking at your beautiful nails.
CCee CCee 7 years 30 weeks
nicklegoat nicklegoat 7 years 30 weeks
I really like the gray metallic one or dark silver (whatever color it is I LIKE)
CCee CCee 7 years 31 weeks
No need to be jealous, try it and your nails will look exactly the same.
aimeeb aimeeb 7 years 31 weeks
Lovely!! I'm jealous.
CCee CCee 7 years 37 weeks
:D thank you!!
Uma8 Uma8 7 years 37 weeks
You are the one. I wish I could have the skills to do things like this. I'm a total disaster doing these kind of manual things. Congratulations!
kastarte2 kastarte2 7 years 37 weeks
You've inspired me. I now try to layer different nail colors to experiment with new looks. :hug:
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years 37 weeks
I love all of the shades, very eye-catching yet not over the top.
CCee CCee 7 years 38 weeks
Dana18 Dana18 7 years 38 weeks
love the colors.
scolls1583 scolls1583 7 years 38 weeks
nothing beats O.P.I but i've never tried Gosh!! _______________________________________________________ the only thing a girl should chase is a shot!
saynogirl saynogirl 7 years 38 weeks
Yeah pretty colours and my favorites are the 1st and 2nd one! ______________________________________________________________________ "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" Coco Chanel
scully22 scully22 7 years 38 weeks
Very pretty Ccee!
kahribar kahribar 7 years 38 weeks
Great colors and again, very nice nails!
Iveenia Iveenia 7 years 38 weeks
amazing I do not have the skills to draw and paint... LOL THEY LOOK GREAT - ALL OF THEM!!! THANK YOU for sharing that with us - Cee!