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Naked Yoga Photos

Here are some photos taken during a Naked Yoga class. And yes - this IS for real.

Ilu16450666 Ilu16450666 1 year 9 weeks
life is more lovable with naked yoga.Ifeel wonderful with it.
rugratz2222 rugratz2222 3 years 47 weeks
being naked is only offensive to prudes ... and yogis don't wear a lot of clothing so don't use that as a standard ... usa versions do, but we're a pretty uptight community anyways. in other countries, topless and nude is no big deal - see their TV ads, shows ... beaches, pools? ... public spas ... if everyone is expecting the same mode of dress, no one is offended or overly distracted. As for personal meditation - how do you handle a good looking participant now in clothing? Look first, then ignore for rest of class? same for this class. If you're not expecting the mode of dress, you wouldn't sign up or participate, so no shocks here. Catch-22. And they'd need releases from everyone in photos before publishing, so everyone was OK with this article's content. It's not for everyone and you'd have to give up your own body image hang-ups and mental restrictions (as well as clothing) but most people who participate in naturist lifestyle usually end up loving it, for the freedom of mind as well as body. Naturists are least judgemental of any group of people you will ever meet. And you probably already know some now, though they don't always declare themselves because of society's hang-ups on body image and clothing restrictions. We're not flashing children here - and they tend to be more liberated than most of their own parents, too.
GirlinTheRaw GirlinTheRaw 3 years 47 weeks
I don't think celebrating our beauty&bodies means being butt naked (&sticking it to ppls faces in public). The way I understand yoga and realization that's supposed to come from it, doing a spiritual practice naked is more offensive than liberating. I am first to admit naked body is distracting, not helping to go 'within'. Being liberated is an inner state, no need for extreme outwardly expressions. I wonder who came up with it, sure wasn't Indian yogis.
2835954 2835954 3 years 48 weeks
i love to be nude if someone there to imitate me
chaswinslow69 chaswinslow69 4 years 3 weeks
I like it! Where do I
rugratz2222 rugratz2222 4 years 23 weeks
my old boss did this in a male-only class ... but it is very sanitary - since you're exposing, you make SURE it is all clean - you do shower and clean up, don't you, on a regular basis? ... you are only on your own mat AND towel ... that's just proper etiquette ... it's not for everyone but probably everyone here has already seen the kourdashian episode with the naked yoga instructor ... properly blurred for those with easy sensitivity issues ... after 15 min, you are not that overly conscious of being without clothes ... after a few sessions, it's no big deal, except you look forward to it. Put it in your bucket list of things to do once in your life - you might like it and get the benefits from the yoga in the first place!
kabysaby kabysaby 4 years 26 weeks
actually i want to know the what is the benefit of this type yoga...
charanjaiminipreeti charanjaiminipreeti 4 years 29 weeks
i like to do like this but alone,,,
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 4 years 47 weeks
umm that's brave that those ppl gave permission to have their pictures posted online... but definitely not my style unless I'm in my apartment alone :)
sarahmchan sarahmchan 5 years 4 weeks
instead of hand sanitizer, you'd need body sanitizer....
jflecher jflecher 5 years 12 weeks
I think it's amazing these people are so comfortable with their bodies - a confidence many of us can learn from.
Syndrla Syndrla 5 years 21 weeks
I admire a person's ability to remove themselves from their surroundings enough to do this, but I don't think it's for me.
alissashreddah alissashreddah 5 years 27 weeks
Seems like it would be fun to do at home with my significant other, but not something I would sign up to do with complete strangers. Just too awkward for me.
BareJosh BareJosh 5 years 31 weeks
That's awesome. I do it at home but have not heard of any groups around here that do that. The human body is fantastic and I wish more people would not be grossed out by it. Oh well, I am happy in my skin.
macrat macrat 6 years 16 weeks
GODESSBOWEN343 GODESSBOWEN343 6 years 16 weeks
I went to one of these and there was one male in the a group of 20 females such as myself, the problem!?, he was a very tall, atheleticly built black man that was, how should I say, incredibly gifted in one aera...beyond belief to be exact! Needless to say, the group quickly grew in size and we had to move to a bigger room to allow for more women LOL! so it wasnt a bad experience but a rather great one for the eye. He stopped attending after about the 10th session and the female numbers dropped not long after.
ThunderRose ThunderRose 6 years 17 weeks
lol, spacebear!! You're so right!! I don't think I'm really up to that, which makes me feel like some up-tight chick who's not open to new things, but eh, remind me in about 20 years, maybe the yoga will have changed me X3
Barefoot-Chick Barefoot-Chick 6 years 18 weeks
I like doing yoga, but sorry, that's not for me.
Maeganmaxfitness Maeganmaxfitness 6 years 18 weeks
Wow.... Kudos to them! I could never do that!
nnimbuss nnimbuss 7 years 29 weeks
Nice. Never knew one could dance to rhythm of yoga this way. Love to admire these performers.
bessieS bessieS 8 years 23 weeks
It is the best to yoga without clothing, I am a nudist and new to Yoga. My friends on like naked yoga in the early morning.
SexiiBrownEyez SexiiBrownEyez 8 years 41 weeks
Looks relaxing but you wouldn't catch me in one of there classes (lol)
chatty-smiles chatty-smiles 8 years 43 weeks
Ahhhhh...heheheheee..please,,,keep it at home...the idea of starin at a butt crack...thro the hole!!!
spacebear spacebear 8 years 46 weeks
I noticed the window looks open in one of the pics...I can imagine the shock on people's faces as they pass by!
thelovelylenny thelovelylenny 9 years 2 weeks
omg. i am such a prude. so not for me. but hey, whatever flips your skirt.