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Napping in the Moby only

I am the mother of a 2.5 month old son who is having some issues with napping.  When my son hit 3 weeks, he experienced a nasty case of colic.  The only remedy to comfort him was to wear him in a Moby wrap all day.  Now at 2.5 months he will only nap during the day while carried in the Moby wrap.  I've tried putting him down in a deep sleep, putting him down when he's drowsy, and putting one of my shirts in the crib- he wakes up as soon as he hits the sheet and cries/flails around until I pick him up and put him back in the wrap.  Once in the wrap he usually falls asleep in minutes.  How can I help him adjust to the crib for naps?  I'm going back to work very soon and he will be at daycare, where I'm sure they won't be able to carry him around all day!

In terms of his nighttime habits, we had swaddled him and put him to bed once asleep with a great track record of sleeping through the night.  He just started moving around in the crib at night (we found him rotated 90 degrees in the morning- but not rolling over yet) so we tried using a sleep sack only, now he's waking up during the night again.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you could provide about these issues.  I'm afraid I created a monster while trying to remedy his colic.

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amandachalynn amandachalynn 5 years 10 weeks
I have to agree with the swaddling. I use a Moby, and I don't see how you could put it in a bouncy chair. My daughter is 3 months, and she sleeps all night and during the day once she's swaddled. Swaddle him and then rock him to sleep.
kdahlquist kdahlquist 5 years 10 weeks
Definitely swaddle! I swaddled my now 9 month old up until he was 5 months. I also used white noise (and still do) and the fisher price little lamb cradle swing. As soon as he would fall asleep I would shut it off so he would have motionless sleep. The rocking helped him fall asleep in the beginning. I really thought I was not going to have a good sleeper in the first few months. But, now he takes 2 great naps and sleeps 11-12 hrs at night. He doesn't even cry when I put him in the crib. The 2 books I swear by are 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' by Harvey Karp and 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child' by Marc Weisbluth. Karp has a great technique for soothing a baby. Weisbluth helped me to understand the natural sleep/wake cycles that babies experience. Hang in there!! I think the first few months are soooo hard! With each month it gets easier.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 11 weeks
Could you wrap him in the Moby and leave him in a bouncy chair? I never used a Moby so I'm not sure if that would even work. Maybe try turning on some light music for him, or get one of those household-noises CDs, the ones with vacuums and washing machines playing? Maybe the noise will help keep him asleep after you set him down. I'm sure your baby isn't the first one at your daycare to have nap trouble, they're probably used to it and may have some great tips.