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Natasha Poly in Vogue Paris February 2008

Editorial: Just Married !
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographed by: Terry Richardson
Styled by: Emmanuelle Alt

They surely decided to be funny in this issue of Vogue. First Isabeli as Amy, and now Natasha as Anna Nicole Smith. They even have drawn the mole on her face. When I first saw it, I've found it funny. But, than I realized that others could think this is disrespectful because , well Anna is dead. How do you feel about this ?

Source: Thefashionspot

veronicaraye veronicaraye 8 years 16 weeks
---she makes a good Anna Nicole, but yeah, that is kind of sad.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 8 years 16 weeks
I don't like this editorial, I find it disrespectful too.
pinkflats pinkflats 8 years 16 weeks
i think it is disrespectful. i know that the editors were trying to be cutting edge (just like any fashion magazine) but i'm sure they could have find other ways to do so without having to disrespect those that have passed away.
madmoiselle madmoiselle 8 years 16 weeks
Natasha looks gorgeous, but that old man.. :D and clothes are gorgeous, but the whole editorial is very disrespectful. You can only get smarter, by playing a smarter opponent..
lala788 lala788 8 years 16 weeks
i found it a little disrespectful, but, i still like the clothes, thanks Lala :)
MrD MrD 8 years 16 weeks
Model has a great attitude but only model is good here.
Lala77 Lala77 8 years 16 weeks
NO!!! They are not married. It's just and editorial :)
robinesque robinesque 8 years 16 weeks
Are you saying they're married? Really? I thought it was a photo shoot. Echoes of Anna Nicole...
cocca cocca 8 years 16 weeks
all i want to say is that i looooove the clothes!!! :love:
sallycinnamon sallycinnamon 8 years 16 weeks
love the clothes, but it's disrespectful
Marci Marci 8 years 16 weeks
I have issues with making fun of people who can't defend themselves, so this is in bad taste, in my humble opinion.