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My take on Chanel Mimosa
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Need a dupe for Lancome Chris and Tell

I've been trying for WEEKS to get my hands on the limited edition Lancome Chris and Tell lipstick, and it is not looking like I will be successful.  Does anyone know of another lipstick that is a similar shade?  Thanks!!


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My take on Chanel Mimosa Mila Kunis' Oscar beauty look for less! Express yourself. How Do You Winter-Proof Your Hair? cheap nars alternatives Double the Fun: Beauty Products With More Than One Use? Inexpensive Alternatives For Chanel's Beige Felin Lipstick
Stacie-Simmons-Beauty Stacie-Simmons-Beauty 5 years 48 weeks
Just to let you all know....if you have a color that you cannot find, or has been discontinued, there is a fabulous place in NYC that custom blends any color you could ever imagine, all you need is a small bit of the color that you need them to copy...they then keep that on file, and you can order your product for life....note...the concealers and eye shadows as well as the rest of their makeup is out of this world! Three Custom Color Cosmetics...NYC....u dont need to be in NYC, you contact them, they will send you a special envelope to send the lipstick to them, and you will then get your favorite shade in whatever finish you want..good luck to all, and i hope i made some days!
norabora norabora 6 years 11 weeks
thanks everyone!!! i actually got a call from saks in NY today saying they received 10 more lipsticks so they are shipping mine out tomorrow. but if i run out, now i know what to look for!
addictedreader addictedreader 6 years 11 weeks
benefit lady's choice
dkeo dkeo 6 years 11 weeks
Try "Laughs Alot" by Mac
SnufaLuffaGus143 SnufaLuffaGus143 6 years 12 weeks
My tip, go to Walgreen and CVS and check out these colors I listed below. It's hard to tell what they really look like online: The color "Peachy Scene" or "Coral Crush" under the red category looks promising. "Coral" looks a little brighter but might not be as bright in person "Hot coral" or "peach silk"