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Our Kitchen Remodel
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New Home

Me and my partner just moved to our first home. We did some painting (most white) and decorating. Here are the pics ;-)

Colorful Eames "Hang it all"


The dining room chairs are from Eames (Plastic Side chair).


Barcelona chair

The canvases are from a friend-photographer. Not photoshopped!

Our curious cat (also starring on "Desire to inspire")

Ikea "Bekväm" night table on guest room

"Pinky-Winky" hydrangea

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Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel
chloe-bella chloe-bella 5 years 40 weeks
WOW, this is amazing! I love, love, love it!
vpontes vpontes 5 years 40 weeks
You have a great home! Please, what are those white things below Eames hang?
nancita nancita 5 years 40 weeks
You really have a great eye. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring! Love the colors that carry through the whole place.
Steph-at-BirdHouse Steph-at-BirdHouse 5 years 40 weeks
Great work! Your new place is beautiful.
adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 40 weeks
VERY cute!
brechtiejj brechtiejj 5 years 40 weeks
@Lauren: The color is from Boss paints (Optisilk, OBX 49-Green turtle)
bellaressa bellaressa 5 years 40 weeks
Wow, I love the splashes of color - great job!
lauren lauren 5 years 40 weeks
I agree simply amazing! I love the how the lights in the dinning room sort of continue the amazing canvases from your friend! Also, I love the green on your fireplace! Would you mind sharing the color?
mrsld mrsld 5 years 40 weeks
WOW!!!! Your home is AMAZING!! :notworthy: I hope your photographer friend gets paid alot for those pictures. They are wonderful.