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New Mom needs advice on teething relief

My little one is just about 5 1/2 months old and has been really uncomfortable from teething. She claws at her mouth, chews on her fingers and sobs about her pain. I've tried just about every teether you can buy, with Sophie being the only one that helps, but she'll only gum on it for a few minutes before wailing. I also gave her a frozen washcloth but it was too cold for her little mouth. Today I tried a little Baby Orajel, but she had this weird reaction of falling asleep soon after taking it, so I feel nervous using it (plus I've read about the horror stories of babies who stop breathing). Any suggestions?

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Kaspars2591967 Kaspars2591967 4 years 5 weeks
I've used an amber teething necklace with my youngest daughter and I think they do wonders! they have saved me lots of money as Camilia is not cheap. When looking at the different options it was important to me that I choose the safest, most natural products. A European friend suggested it to me because my daughter was having alot of teething distress. Apparently in Europe they are such a common remedy that they are sold in drug stores. I bought mine from a Latvian online store called Latvian Amber Store:
Syndrla Syndrla 5 years 11 weeks
I used frozen infant spoons and ice cubes in the mesh feeders... plus tylonol at night to help them sleep. Good luck!
Peakoilishere Peakoilishere 5 years 12 weeks
I used cold (not frozen) wash clothes, ora-jel and baby advil when things got really bad. I also did a lot of snuggling and cuddling, and lots of bath time as it took her mind off her discomfort.
Melissa-Emily Melissa-Emily 5 years 13 weeks
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mama-n mama-n 5 years 14 weeks
if your little one has started eating solids, then give her frozen bananas or thick slices of cold helped my son alot. Another tool you can use (which also helped my son) a finger feeder..where you put small cut up pieces of fruit in the mesh fabric, and the baby holds the handle and sucks and gums on the mesh...the sweet flavor will make her want more...worked for my son and fooled him ;)
mPlusStyle mPlusStyle 5 years 15 weeks
Spoons! My godkids would chew my hard purses until I exchanged my accessory for a spoon. Preferably metal though in a pinch or at a party plastic will do. Someone posted recently about teething cookies: they're old school, gummy and messy, but work.
aembry396 aembry396 5 years 15 weeks
We did the ice in the mesh feeder and the teething tablets. It stinks, but the best thing is to distract...we went on a lot of walks.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 5 years 15 weeks
Have you looked into amber teething necklaces? They were a lifesaver when my daughter was teething. Just type in "amber necklaces for infants/toddlers" on google.
amaebi519 amaebi519 5 years 15 weeks
We used frozen washcloths and also loved the mesh feeders you can use for ice cubes, frozen fruit, etc. I know someone who swore by frozen waffles - apparently the indentations help catch some of the drool! Good luck.
esweet esweet 5 years 15 weeks
I have a 6 month old - he's chewing on everything and drooling constantly but doesn't seem to be in much pain yet. He LOVES Sophie and also likes the frozen washcloths - I used the tiny newborn ones. I'm too scared to use Orajel and I asked my doctor about it and she said they don't recommend it anymore. However, my sister-in-law used Orajel religiously when my niece was teething. Good luck!!
Rebecca-M-Gruber Rebecca-M-Gruber 5 years 15 weeks
I would try making breastmilk popsicles. They will numb her gums and feed her simultaneously! Good luck!
Beaner Beaner 5 years 15 weeks
We'll definitely try that in a couple weeks, but for now, she's only eating breastmilk.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 16 weeks
I fed my baby frozen pieces of bread and it worked well. I've heard of people giving their babies frozen pieces of fruit and that's definitely something I would try if I ever have another baby.