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New Moon’ Movie Stills: Meet the Volturi! new pic

People Magazine has New Moon stills of the Volturi that have never been seen before! A reader sent in the magazine scan to us to share with all of you!

Jane’s eyes make me want to rock back and forth in a corner and cry! Absolutely creeptastic!

Do you think they hit the hammer on the nail with the Volturi? We are missing Felix and Marcus from the pictures : (


kty kty 6 years 38 weeks
it does look good,i'm sure she did a great job too
angelbeauty angelbeauty 6 years 39 weeks
oh it looks good real good :P im sure they did a better job on new moon than twilight on special effects. more money :P
kiwitwist kiwitwist 6 years 39 weeks
I think they did pretty good. I admit I wasn't too excited for Dakota Fanning being part of the volturi... but she looks pretty darn freaky with those eyes