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Tom Ford Padlock Ankle-Wrap Suede Pump
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New Sample Alert: Olay Total Effects Tone Corrector

Hello again, beauty enthusiasts! Thank you for making our sampling squad so successful! We value your opinions and can't wait to hear more from you.

Your next task is to sample the is Olay Total Effects Tone Corrector. We will only send the sample to a select number of BellaSugar Sample Squad members at random, so if you are not chosen, stay tuned for opportunities to sample more all-new products!

Look out for an email from us this week letting you know you've been chosen to participate. Thank you again for being a trusted voice in our community, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

cal-Girl-7 cal-Girl-7 3 years 17 weeks
would love to Test it,iam waiting for it.
suttondancer suttondancer 3 years 38 weeks
I love Olay products and would love to try the Total Effects Tone Corrector. I tell all my friends about any products that I test!
crimjustekugrad2007 crimjustekugrad2007 3 years 39 weeks
I LOVE to wear this product under my foundation! Makes my face feel soft! However, I would've liked it to have more coverage, so that I could wear it alone.
jodha jodha 3 years 39 weeks
yeah baby i would <3 to test this sample
pinkmedress pinkmedress 3 years 39 weeks
Thank you for the sample, have been wanting to try out this new Olay product for a while a now and i was fortune enough to receive a sample, love bellasugar sample squad. My daughter was also interested in trying out the product and she became a fan like me, you know what they say, "like mother like daughter" or she just copies me, lol. either way she has great taste.
mle0205 mle0205 3 years 39 weeks
I would love to try this. I love Olay.
dead7head77 dead7head77 3 years 39 weeks
I'd Love to try out the sample! Sounds like a great product!
Ginny2656375 Ginny2656375 3 years 40 weeks
I'd love to try it! Sounds like fun!
deegirl101 deegirl101 3 years 40 weeks
This looks really great.I would love to try this product out. Anything to help me age more gracefully.
Sarah2538089 Sarah2538089 3 years 40 weeks
Loving the Sample Squad!~excellent PR idea to have the public test products!!!! Thanks for letting me try some, def and awesome online forum/sample site!
andreanicole91 andreanicole91 3 years 40 weeks
I would love to try this product out!
mzlenee mzlenee 3 years 40 weeks
I would love to try this out. Hopefully, I get the email invite.
Carau Carau 3 years 40 weeks
Excited to try some new samples! This is such a great way to find out about new products and get the word out about what really works. Can't wait!
GoddessA GoddessA 3 years 41 weeks
I would be delighted to test the olay product. I've had a decent amount of sun exposure over the years, so I'd be a perfect candidate to provide objective feedback as it its efficacy .
Susan051 Susan051 3 years 41 weeks
Yes, I am definitely interested in trying this product as I need exactly something like this. So if you would be kind enough to pick me as a Squad Sampler, I would be very happy to report back with a thorough review. Thanks! First time here, I am very interested in this one!
marydiaz marydiaz 3 years 41 weeks
GREAT... I would love to try it!
kayliejadezmom99 kayliejadezmom99 3 years 41 weeks
how do i know if i am eligible to participate in the samplesquad sample of the month? im so confused. everything has looked amazing the last 3 months. oh my.. thanks :
lcaswell44 lcaswell44 3 years 41 weeks
Sounds like fun!!! Informative too!
swisseyes swisseyes 3 years 41 weeks
would love one too.
mzlenee mzlenee 3 years 41 weeks
I would love to test this product!! Fairly new to this site, so can't wait to sample and give feedback!!
Jessica2540176 Jessica2540176 3 years 41 weeks
I would love to test this product, as Olay makes wonderful skin care lines for all types of skin!
Shawn2433794 Shawn2433794 3 years 41 weeks
I have been seeing this advertised everywhere. I would love to try the tone corrector! I used to go to the pool so much when I was young and now my skin is so many different tones because of it! I would love to see if it works because I have tried different products that are suppose to do the same thing and they have not worked! Please send me a sample! Thanks for the opportunities that are given to me through bella sugar!
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 3 years 41 weeks
i love sampling, great way to test a product especially when the product is olay. i've tried olay products before but not this specific one, would love to sample it.
jerifarley69 jerifarley69 3 years 41 weeks
I would love to test the Olay Tone Effects Tone Corrector!
Amanda2468920 Amanda2468920 3 years 41 weeks
I am so happy to have joined the sample squad! I have only sampled the radiance collection but this is fun and I was so impressed with my samples I got to try! Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!