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A New Use for Egg Cups

I know it's never too early to think about Spring, Easter and yes...eggs! In this case egg cups for that matter. I saw some wooden ones at Vintage Laundry {help! I visit this place at least once a week & I always go home with adorable goodies!} and instantly I thought...succulents! So, a trip to Tree House {Austin-based Home Improvement store that's all about green home making --- the shop is amazing & you must visit it soon!} was inevitable & I came home with these mini-succulents.

Prepared the wooden egg cups...oh, like took them out of the bag.

Took the succulents out from their plastic container.

Lovingly tucked them in the egg cups.

And voila! A wonderful display at the bar counter to make me happy when I'm washing dishes. I'm thinking they can be place cards as well, wedding favors? Oh...the possibilities!


inglenookdecor inglenookdecor 4 years 14 weeks
thanks so much pinkstar!
pinkstar1 pinkstar1 4 years 14 weeks
Love this!!! Cheerful and cute!!