The Nightman Cometh

I am a huge fan of the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and recently had the opportunity to see the gang perform the episode live. While at the show, I realized that Mac's costume as the nightman has cat eyes, but instead of contacts, his eyelids are painted so that you see them when his eyes are closed. Knowing this, I decided to try the same look at home. I think it came out a bit scary, and will be totally awesome for Halloween.


Here's how I did it:


First I used Benefit's Lemon-Aid as a primer -- mostly because of its yellow base. Next I smothered my eyes in a yellow eyeshadow (I happened to have some in a Cover Girl trio pack). Then I used Loreal's Hip Cream Eyeliner (in black) to fill in the eye area. I used a kind of crappy brush because I was applying it thick. My eyebrows are naturally dark, but I filled them in with some of the eyeliner too. I then took a pencil eyeliner (nicely sharpened) to make the eyeball shapes. I found it easier to use than the brush. I then closed one eye at a time, and used the cream eyeliner and a brush to draw the eyeballs on. For that I just put a dot in the middle and then circled around it. Finally I used a coat of mascara to hide the yellow tinted lashes (they were yellow from all the eyeshadow). As you can tell, I forgot to do one of the eyes.


So what do you think? It's a totally easy and sort of creepy look for halloween. Here's a pic of me with my eyes open, just so you can see what you'd look like if you walked around without your eyes closed.

stupidlisasciencequeen stupidlisasciencequeen 6 years 31 weeks
hahahhaa oh this is so funny. thank you, i totally know what i'm gonna be for Halloween now. here's a pic of how he actually wore it on stage:
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years 33 weeks
this is super super cool! I also love Sunny (especially Charlie); so that got my vote right off-the-bat. but, also, you just did a great job - it's eerie and beautiful! I might steal this...
cheekachu cheekachu 6 years 33 weeks
That's a really easy/pretty cute look. And good idea; I'm impressed!