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Nutty Quinoa Bars

Nutty Quinoa Bars These energizing bars are not so sweet as to exhaust your palate during a workout or race, but just enough to complement the peanut butter.  The way the oats and quinoa softened during baking bring to mind a fudgy peanut butter.  I also loved having the bite from the larger pieces of nuts.
Bonus: They held together in a baggie during the race, and the extras have worked well frozen and reheated as a quick snack/yogurt topper.

Nutty Quinoa Bars

Nutty Quinoa Bars

Nutty Quinoa Fuel Bars


Nut butter
Coconut butter (melted)
Quinoa, cooked
Rolled oats
Protein powder
Chia seeds
Egg (or flax egg)


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