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Is It OK to Check My Husband's Facebook to Make Sure Nothing Fishy Is Going On?

Since many spouses share a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, it's not uncommon that both parties have access to each others' social networking accounts. But does that mean it's OK to peek every once in a while?

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The dilemma: Is it OK to check your hubby's Facebook profile to make sure nothing fishy is going on?

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coffeemanic coffeemanic 4 years 27 weeks
No its not OK, especially if you know he wouldn't like you snooping around in his business. Why would you check to see if something is "fishy"? i suspect that one would already have suspicions about his actions if you were to check his FB account, otherwise there you would have no need. trust is the main issue here, you will lose his if you look at his Fb and he catches you, and he will lose yours if you find anything you shouldn't. also you will likely feel terrible if nothing "fishy" is going on. I once found pictures a girl sent my partner on his phone, pictures of her in underwear. when i confronted him about it, we both lost trust in each other, me for going through his phone, and him for having an inappropriate r/ship with another person. I want to check his facebook and phone everyday to make sure that he's not talking to her anymore, but i can't. I think you have to be prepared to walk, just in case you do find something, or be prepared for his wrath if he catches you snooping.
princess27 princess27 4 years 48 weeks
it is absolutely ok!
Helen-Danger Helen-Danger 5 years 2 weeks
You don't trust your man's word, or you think he's sneaking around or lying by omission--or he's hopelessly naive and in need of your guidance. Would a smart guy in a healthy, happy relationship knowingly jeopardize it? Starting a fight with him over Facebook is just a distraction from a much bigger, harder to resolve issue. Take a second look at how healthy and happy your connection really is.
jaunteecap jaunteecap 5 years 2 weeks
Facebook is an open forum. You can check his page for status updates and wall posts just like anyone else he knows. If he's up to no good, the truth will out, but Facebook outs it faster. I know a guy who just got kicked out of the house as a result of his actions on facebook. His girlfriend wanted him to de-friend a woman he had a physical extra-relationship indiscretion (meaning he cheated). He didn't want to de-friend his former conquest and this girl showed him his walking papers. That website is a pandora's box. Proceed with caution, because you might find out something you never wanted to know.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years 18 weeks
who gives a crap if its "okay"? if i felt like my health or financial security was at rick i'd check whatever i had to check. and as far as discussing your concerns with the partner you suspect; good luck with that. if they were already sneaking around behind your back, do you really think a question from you would set them straight?