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Obama's 1st Four Years

And Mitt offers what?

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hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 3 years 30 weeks
He's all smoke & mirrors. When I think of all the Presidents from Carter through Obama whether you agreed with them or not one could be pretty confident they knew where that candidate has their feet firmly planted on an issue. You can't say that about Romney because he wont' stay still on an issue. He's preoccupied with morphing himself to fit the opinions of an audience rather than having some integrity and standing firm on his own. This business of just giving the frame work of a plane but shying away from any disclosure of details until after he's elected is outrageous as well. How any one can support such a fluidity on policies and issues is beyond me. As a voter I need some one who is stable and confident about where they stand on policies that affect us all.
stephley stephley 3 years 30 weeks
Tax & international business lawyers I work around plan to vote for Obama. Never considered Romney a serious option.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 3 years 30 weeks
There are so many beneficial things this administration has done to benefit the average American that people are not talking about and the administration is partly to blame. For whatever reason they have been poor communicators with respect to their agenda and have allowed their critics to control the narrative. If they fall because of that IMO that's all on them. They have not been message smart in countering the disingenuous claims about the Presidents record. The fact of the matter is things are getting better and every couple of months now at an incrementally faster pace. Over the past year I have witnessed a steady increase in (Help Wanted) signs around town at small businesses. I have also noted a substantial increase in job postings online. In September I was hire along with two others at a small business. At the moment we're looking to hire two others. In January we will be moving into a larger customized space. In the space we're in now which is shared by 3 small business owners all three support President Obama. On another note just down the highway where ground is breaking on a light rail system that is paid in part for by (stimulus) has also made its mark by attracting an auto manufacturer to build a new plant near one of the new stations which will employ thousands directly. And peripherally spurn it's suppliers to hire as well to meet demand. Like I've been saying for years on here big business is attracted to new infrastructure. This is what this President has been able to cultivate despite the orchestrated obstruction in Congress. Where was Massachusetts when Romney left State office? 47th? I see all of his Bain management experience translated into putting that State over the top (insert sarcasm) under a GOP President when critics of Obama claim there was more growth under Bush. Well with all of the masterful Bain experience of Gove. Romney and the Bush administrations testosterone filled economic policies why was MA 47th? Doesn't quite add up does it.