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Is It Odd to Mismatch Bedding Sizes For Comforters?

In the past, I've used a "Full/Queen" duvet cover over a "Full/Queen" comforter but I've never been pleased about the coverage on my queen-sized bed which is topped with a featherbed making it even higher/wider and even how it fits in the cover (not poofy). I recently purchased a king-sized down comforter and I have shoved it inside my old full/queen cover — it fits fine, on the fuller side which I like but, since I've finally settled on the perfect duvet cover, I can't decide if it would be too, too big if I then bought a king-sized duvet cover. I checked the dimensions of the covers I covet and the sizing doesn't look that far off:

• Full/Queen: 88"l x 92"w.

• King: 92"l x 108"w.

Do you think it's better to just buy the full/queen cover and stuff the duvet in or buy the king? Then I could always tuck it in like this picture (which is not the duvet I want, just something I spotted)? I can't imagine I'm the only neurotic bedding person out there so please help!


Lovely_1 Lovely_1 5 years 33 weeks
Yea I use a king comfortor with a king duvet over my queen bed ;) need the coverage!
Morgan-Ashley-Parker Morgan-Ashley-Parker 5 years 33 weeks
Yes, this is the one pictured:
Teyocoyani Teyocoyani 5 years 33 weeks
I love the duvet too...I believe it's from West Elm!
julsiesf julsiesf 5 years 33 weeks
where is this duvet from? its beautiful.
manxy manxy 5 years 33 weeks
I have used a king sized down comforter inside my full/queen duvets for over 20 years. I like mine puffy.
Morgan-Ashley-Parker Morgan-Ashley-Parker 5 years 33 weeks
Thanks for the tips!
heatrich heatrich 5 years 33 weeks
I have a king down comforter with a king duvet. Since the mattress is a queen with a pillowtop, the king size allows for the right amount of coverage around the edges. Go for it!