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Official Sweet 16 Party!

Well, today was my official Sweet 16 party! We hung ribbon all over the place and set shiny tablecloths, balloons (we used our vacuum cleaner to blow them up!) and my iPod speakers among other things. The theme was Silver & Pink and the inside of the invitation was like this:

And the goodie bags and the outside of the invitation were like this:

My mum worked some of her flower arrangement prowess and produced these:

So pretty right?

Anyway, Faith came earliest! And I really appreciate that she came at all because it was her aunt's farewell dinner (moving to Australia) that night and Faith has a Bio test on Monday. She gave me a fantasticalicious present - a silver Prada-inspired bag! OMG I LOVE HER. And she remembered I only use biggggg bags.

My Linh came after and we just started doing our make-up! My Linh is soooo pro because she's got fashion people back in Vietnam who tell her how to do her make-up all the time, so she did pretty effects on Faith. And they cam-whored like crazy.

AND she gave me the most effort-filled present ever! This:

And the back is like this:

It's an ongoing joke you see - in my class, I'm known for being sensible and everything, so when we did the class cheer and the "Hey __! Hey what? Introduce yourself!..." part - I did it like super bimbo-like and everyone was like "OMG AMANDA!" when I did "Our name is PR and we say hi!". So My Linh decided to make the shirt - "My name is Amanda and I say... hi!". The sweet girl drew the Eiffel Tower as A because it represented my style.

Crys came soon after and I did her make-up, because she wanted a gothic darkness (gave her less black than I would normally - it's a Silver & Pink themed party!). For myself, I used shiny white, green, gold, glitter peach and black to achieve it. Crazy combo.

Faith had to leave at 6 or so, so we cam-whored like crazy for a while. Haha. I opened her present (yay new bag!) and Crystal's - Rusty black leather waller - matches my phone pouch - and a Hula&Co skirt that's so ultra super awesome for summer! God everyone's giving me such fab presents - what to get them? Click here to look at my presents.

The dining area was set up for the party and this is the result:

(Um that's my friend Crystal, I've no idea what pose that is. Anyway, my new iPod speakers on the square mahjong table covered with the silvery cloth! It's this round thing. And I set up a mini snack buffet!)

We had a buffet dinner instead which consisted of thin slices of pan-fried steak, spaghetti with a tomato sauce, sushi platter, bread selection, salad with four available types of dressing... And stuff. Some of it is seen in the picture up there.

Mum and Dad came back from getting their hair done at the salon, Mum snapped a couple of pictures with us and then they flitted off to the wedding dinner at the Ritz. Mum is so glam - I want to be just like her in 31 years. She got me my cute birthday cake - tall and with a small base area.

After dinner, we talked a lot then went into my room where I turned off all the lights and just lit up these many tealights and blasted the music super loud and danced! I've got zero coordination though. All our make-up was like sweated off! Then Auntie Loretta, Crystal's mum, came bearing a ChocolateArt cake! EEKS!

These are my cakes!:

Of us eating!:

That's a lot of food, tea and Coke Light I consumed. Wow today was so perfect. Sigh. More updates when I get ahold of My Linh's pictures - the girl has like a gazillion pictures.

veronicaraye veronicaraye 8 years 20 weeks
---love the flowers & the invites!
sundrops sundrops 8 years 50 weeks
What a beautiful party! I love all the heart you and your friends and your family put into it. Your cakes and decorations are beautiful!
amandasunly amandasunly 9 years 5 days
Thanks guys! barbie - my mum has to do flowers for like EVERY occasion, she's so obsessed that we have like, two bookshelves for her flower books and magazines. Lol. I didn't get a lot of presents this year, but it's enough for me, and I love how my friends went to all that trouble. :) mandie - I love the invite too! Haha yes, I realise that :)
mandiesoh mandiesoh 9 years 1 week
i LOVE the invite! hehe. god girl, we share the same name :p
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 9 years 1 week
Oh girlie, everything looks beautiful! I :love: the white vases with the pink flowers in them. I can't believe your party has already happened. I'm glad everything turned out great, and you all had a fantastic time. I love the gifts your friends gave you, too! Thanks for updating us. :)
amandasunly amandasunly 9 years 1 week
Thanks party! I actually came up with the idea of using layers of paper from here - the wedding invites special you did? Also, the fancy lettering idea's from there too ;) But I customized it to look right for a Sweet 16 and co-ordinated for my party's theme, using Photoshop to come up with the design.
partysugar partysugar 9 years 1 week
These pics look great! I love the invitation, it looks beautiful.
amandasunly amandasunly 9 years 1 week
Thanks! Haha I have a lot of birthdays on my calendar this month to think of. My best friend My Linh's turning 18 on the 19th!
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years 2 weeks
awww, looks like a beautiful party! happy birthday :)