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Celebrities At 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala; Sharon Stone
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Older Jacob

Hal Holbrook plays the older Jacob Jankowski in "Water for Elephants". Here is Richard Pattinson (Rob's dad) on the right. That's a great resemblance!

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TRH37 TRH37 5 years 9 weeks
I think they all look like their Mother and she is so Beautiful! It's no wonder she made such a GORGEOUS SON!!!!!! But, his Dad is not bad looking for an older gentleman! I'd like to see pictures of him when he was younger to see if there really is any resemblance to Robert.....:)
Julieviggo Julieviggo 5 years 9 weeks
Rob must favor his mother more.
Bri4everRob Bri4everRob 5 years 9 weeks
That's really creepy. I just has a substitute today in on of my classes that looked a lot like Robs dad. CREEPY!
RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 5 years 9 weeks
I am afraid I don't see such a significant resemblance. I am willing to bet they actually tried to go for something like that though, there obviously has to be a resemblance somewhere when casting someone to play an older version of another. But wow Rob really has Richard's eyes, oh those gorgeous eyes that melt my heart so :love:
kellykonrad kellykonrad 5 years 9 weeks
That is...a bit weird, they really resemble each other.
JuLi85 JuLi85 5 years 9 weeks
great resemblance!! :)