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Olive May!

At just 17 weeks, this little girl has captured my heart. She may just be the best Christmas present a girl could ask for!

Olive May is a french bulldog ;)


Olive May! Olive May! Olive May! Olive May! Olive May! Olive May!
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misskimberly misskimberly 5 years 47 weeks
OMG! What a precious little princess.
Toche Toche 6 years 20 weeks
Cutest pup ever...
liz4dmb liz4dmb 6 years 21 weeks
too cute!
Lyric69 Lyric69 6 years 23 weeks
Awwww! How cute!
eliz05 eliz05 6 years 24 weeks
ahh cute name for an extra cute pup.
ladyr ladyr 6 years 24 weeks
I love her "smile" :)