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Website of the Day: Quick Car Flirting

This is certainly a new twist on traditional dating sites. Quick Car Flirting is a site dedicated to meeting other people . . . while driving. To use the site, you first must register your license plate and contact information, then create a profile. The site operates under the premise that girls and guys alike will register for the site with their license plates and contact info. Then, if you're a single driving down the road and happen to pass another attractive single in their car, simply record their license plate number and type it into the site. If he or she is registered, they'll receive a notification that you were checking them out — the site does not give out your contact information. There are no "success stories" posted on the site, so I'm not sure how well it works (or how safe it is), but I suppose you never know!

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motherdear motherdear 5 years 45 weeks
This has to be the worst idea I've ever heard! First - recording reg. nos. & noting them down while you're driving?? Second, what happens after they know you've "checked them out" - do they follow you? These are strangers, for god's sake! Would you WALK up to a stranger on the street and tell them you were interested in them? Give this a wide berth, please. Perhaps it's a spoof & I've got wound up for nothing?