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Red Diamond Lacy Intrigue Strappy Chemise
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(Taken with a Nikon D60, no flash and standard zoom lense)

I took this picture when I was in Oaxaca, Mexico on a service learning trip with my shcool, Watkinson School, Hartford, Ct. We were at an Orphanage, La Casa Hogar. The kids were adorable and greatly appreciated our love and attention, forever they will stay in my mind.

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Red Diamond Lacy Intrigue Strappy Chemise Sunflower fields forever a bit of sky... leaf in blue... creative flight fly by sunset flying lessons
kobrien24 kobrien24 6 years 33 weeks
You are a very talented photographer!!! Great Picture!!
celestegc celestegc 6 years 33 weeks
Great picture! glad you came to Mexico! =)
lauren lauren 6 years 36 weeks
beautiful picture!