Revamping Baby's Room
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10 Nursery Design Ideas Inspired by Wallpaper
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Our nursery progress

The room started as my hubby's office.


The first step was removing the awful popcorn ceiling.


Once that was completed *by my exhausted husband* we painted and scrubbed the hardwood floors. We added new fixtures, curtain rods and changed the door to a french door so we can peek in on her.

It took us almost a week to paint but hubby had to do most of the work in the evenings when he came home from work. After ordering the furniture we started building and got everything set up over one weekend.

Hubby hand made our mobile. It is me, him, our dog, our cat and our soon-to-be daughter Olivia!

The room will be complete when my hubby finishes a painting he is working on and hangs it. I wish I could fast forward 6 weeks so I can get my glider :(

chrissywong chrissywong 5 years 30 weeks
I really like the paint colours that you used in your daughter's nursery. May I ask what those colours are called?
CurleyQ CurleyQ 6 years 7 weeks
Oh how i wish i could paint my nursery. :) Yours is absolutely cool! Love the circular rug too!!
lauren lauren 6 years 7 weeks
I love all of the details, the color is great! The mobile has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life!
mianakao mianakao 6 years 7 weeks
This room is wonderful! I love how bright and airy it is, and how personal each detail comes across. It also allows every piece to stand out on its own and offer something whole and special on a different level every time you look at the room. Nice work, you guys! LOVE it!!