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P is for Pies


I haven't met a Pie I don't like yet. Sweet or savory, I'm a big fan of pies. Here in the South, there is a pie mania especially in restaurants that's all about comfort food. So when I received a phone call asking me to style some pies, my only question was, err..can I have some pie? The pies were made by the Pie Queen herself, Jaynie, whose claim to fame is her Buttermilk Pie and chosen as one of America's Best Pies by Travel and Leisure. So here are the subjects...


blueberry pie

Pecan PiePies on DoiliesButtermilk Pieround of piesimages via


I did have a bite of the Buttermilk Pie & it's to die for! I think pies are awesome for a rustic wedding or fete.