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POLL: Unconditional Love

Even when we know how to have good relationships, it can be hard to consistently do the things that ensure them. But the more we know about keeping our relationships solid, the more likely it is that we will take the right actions.  In your current or past relationships, were you more passive or aggressive when it came to your actions to the 'fight for no reason' or the 'who will do the housework today' - the simplicities - but not so simple - tasks of daily living.  Are or were you able to argue constructively?  And, because no one is perfect, was or is there the ability to be comfortable with your flaws/idiosyncracies?  Is or was there an outstanding sense of compassion and generosity on their part?  Was he/she intuitive to your needs?



What I am getting at is, do you feel that 'unconditional' love truly does exist or do you feel it is just something that we 'say' or 'believe' we have?

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D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 22 weeks
Thnx Ruby! :hug:
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 22 weeks
I believe it exists! :flower:
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 22 weeks
And, Sam, i like what u said 'mend it, don't end it'. Nice! :)
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 22 weeks
Exactly kty! :)
kty kty 6 years 22 weeks
i'm torn on this one....when i look at my son,i just have to look in his eyes and i know he loves me unconditionally,he loves me for who i am,just because...he just loves me. as for between a man and a woman,i don't really believe it,yes true love exists,but we all have conditions and expectations for the other i don't believe in unconditional love between a man and a woman,but i believe in true love just not unconditional...we tend to expect a lot from our mate,and most of the time they are the ones that hurt us the most. i do believe in unconditional love between God and us.
Sam1985 Sam1985 6 years 23 weeks
I believe my mom and dad have unconditional love. I admire them for that! It is too easy now for people to just end their relationships instead of 'mend it - not end it'. ;)
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 23 weeks
i agree with you Sayno - yet i know it is possible!!! but hard to achieve :)
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 23 weeks
You know what happens nowwadays... Like Ivee said usually its more women who think that way... The world is material... But sometimes its we women who make a relationship last or break... The decision is ours.. Thinking about work and partying much more than caring for your own house brings disaster... I'm not saying that women doesn't have to work, they have to! They must be independent but you must also show that even if you are not dependent on your hubby you depend! You know what I mean? Male's ego is something very hard to control and maintain but once you got it, your marriage life is forever! When you work you should give partial importance to work life and house life!
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 6 years 23 weeks
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 23 weeks
Yesss Lala! i never thought of that (probly because i don't have children) but THAT would be the only REAL unconditional love i believe. Yes.. Yes. Gatara, i agree, that is why i was so torn between yes and maybe. people like to say they have unconditional love, but there are always different circumstances in everyone's relationships. The 'idealization' of it is nice, but 'relying' on it is maybe a bit unrealistic. i really :heart: this poll Cher! :hug:
gatara gatara 6 years 23 weeks
Is a beautiful thought but, I don't know! sometimes I think that women are always waiting for a blue prince and this "idealization" of love is not good for us...
lala788 lala788 6 years 23 weeks
i think it existent with your kids , but i don't think that onther then that relationship, it can be .
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 23 weeks
Wow! this is a hard one. i would HOPE that it is possible, but i don't know of too many marriages that stay together after one has strayed. then again, now that i have already voted, there ARE marriages that DO stay together when one has strayed and that IS unconditional love. so, I guess yes! :shrug:
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 23 weeks
I agree with you about this...
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 23 weeks
for me, too - yet it is a long way for humans to get there - if you think materialistically then you will never love unconditionally - sorry - but :TRUE:
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 23 weeks
Yes for me it does exist!