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Pug Statue
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Parked in the Park

My two pooches were adopted from the same rescue group (MetroMalts) at different times. Although the not-quite 2 years old Willow can drive the 10 years young Sparkie a bit crazy at time, I know he loves having his fellow Maltese sibling to hang with.

Parked in the ParkParked in the Park
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PhiloBaNa PhiloBaNa 7 years 4 weeks
too cute!!!
chawesome chawesome 7 years 4 weeks
they look so happy in the grass!
ladyr ladyr 7 years 4 weeks
What a pair!!! Adorable!!
Txredd Txredd 7 years 4 weeks
Both are so adorable!
wren1 wren1 7 years 4 weeks
I've heard that a new dog can make dogs act younger, and I guess it's true. They are both totally super cute!