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Patterson's Total Hip Replacement & First Birthday

Last week was a busy week for our best buddy. On Sunday we had his first birthday party, before driving him to Columbus on Monday for his evaluation at OSU's Veterinary Hospital. On Tuesday he received his Total Hip Replacement (THR), on Wednesday we picked him up from Columbus, and on Friday he turned ONE! Needless to say it is going to be a very long two months as he recovers, the hardest part is keeping him from running/jumping/playing etc. But overall he is doing very well!

Patterson's Total Hip Replacement & First Birthday Love his OSU bandana.  If we didn't already love the Buckeyes we love them even more now for taking such good care of our baby.
Just picked him up--he didn't want to be in the car at all--but he sat on my lap most of the way home.
A small slide show of him out the window.  The most freedom he will get for two long months.
Some ear blowing.
Looking so stoic.
Much older and wiser then his one year.
There's a puppy face.
Wondering why the H we put him in the car for another three hour drive (he doesn't even like to drive down the street).
More sunshine.
POOR BABY! First look at his hip haircut.
Ugh...terrible frankenstein scar. :(
Finally resting in his cage on the way home.  Look at his poor chicken leg.
On his actual birthday a made him wear the hat again---and we gave him some ice cream (he doesn't have many thrills in life right now.)
Poor buddy.
He was trying to get comfortable. It was HOT last weekend.
We tried to keep him off the couch (as instructed b/c he is not supposed to be jumping). But it is a lost cause--and its the only "bad" thing he does.  He also slowly gets on and doesn't jump.
Scar pictures on Friday--a few days after surgery.
It looked worse (on Monday it finally started to look better)
A good shot of his ridiculous hair cut.  They are good with hips, not good with grooming.
Look at that poor tail.  And his "booty" on his chicken leg.
Getting annoyed....
but look at his bare butt...oh he looks pathetic.
Trying to sing Happy Birthday to the pup.
It was chaotic/Crazy!
Hat around neck.
Bexley being a good boy and sitting in the birthday chair--he just wanted the cake.
Looks like hes attacking?
A few good shots of the birthday boy (these are all from Sunday pre surgery).
Happy First Birthday Patterson!
No clue whats going on.
The boys fighting over who can open the presents.
New toys for all.
Pattersons (and Dad's and Steph's) human birthday cake (the dogs had their own).
This is not looking good.
We got Bexley presents too of course.
Buddies resting--Bexley can't come over to see Patterson until July :( They will miss each other.
Hi my golden boy!
He looks crazy here.
Stealing Bexley's toy.
Just a puppy.
Bexley coming back for more cake of course.
Hat and gift.
Opening presents (Bexley taught him well.)
Still trying.
Must be something good in there!
And he is DONE with that hat!
This is old (from March) but he wanted to come to Turks and Caicos with me!
Off the subject but Yumsugar recipe I made.
Very good--I am not a huge fan of gnocci so would prob change the pasta next time (although fam loved it).  Also used red peppers instead of onion (hate onion).
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gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 7 years 2 weeks
Get well soon Patterson :)
ladyr ladyr 7 years 3 weeks
Awwwww. I hope he has a speedy recovery!!!
wren1 wren1 7 years 3 weeks
Happy healing and happy birthday, handsome boy!
mrsld mrsld 7 years 3 weeks
Wow! He is soo young! Good Luck to you both. Speedy recovery. BTW, Birthday hat photo is super cute!
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years 3 weeks
awww poor baby!! So young to have had such a major surgery like that!! Hope the recovery goes smoothly. :dog: