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Perfume BreakdownIf you like to smell delicious…
…go fruity. Exotic notes like coconut and mandarin “get noticed!” says Virginia Bonofiglio, professor of fragrance marketing at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. They’re also therapeutic: “The tropical scent makes me happier,” says tester Ashley Musselman, 28, of Columbia, Missouri.
Fruity scents
Christian Audigier for Her eau de parfum ($79 for 3.4 oz.,
Beckham Signature Story for Her eau de toilette ($49 for 1.7 oz.,
Fruity scents
Siren by Paris Hilton eau de parfum spray ($55 for 3.4 oz.,
Natori eau de parfum ($110 for 3.4 oz.,
Fruity scents
Banana Republic Republic of Women eau de parfum ($48, for stores)
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture eau de parfum ($85 for 3.4 oz.,
If you like to smell un-perfumy…
…go green. Florals that smell vaguely grassy or leafy are the equivalent of wearing frilly lingerie under your work clothes: You feel great, but nobody has to know they’re there. “Fresh scents energize me,” says Stefanie Delgado, 25, of Astoria, New York. “I feel like I just finished showering, all day long.”

Green scents
Forever Mariah Carey eau de parfum ($65 for 3.3 oz.,
Eau Mega Viktor & Rolf eau de parfum ($100 for 1.7 oz.,

Green scents
Lancome Hypnose Senses eau de parfum ($49 for 1.7 oz.,
In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon eau de parfum ($34 for 1.7 oz.,
if you like to smell all girly…
…go very flowery. Pour feminine notes like rose, jasmine and gardenia into a bottle, and you get the next best thing to a delivery from the flower guy. “Classic florals bring out my inner Audrey Hepburn,” says Caitlin Custer, 20, of Los Angeles. “One spritz and I fantasize about a Tiffany’s shopping spree!”
Flowery scents
Stella McCartney StellaNude eau de toilette ($81 for 3.3 oz.,
Guerlain Idylle eau de parfum ($90 for 1.7 oz.,
Flowery scents
YSL Parisienne eau de parfum ($65 for 1.6 oz.,
My Glow Jennifer Lopez eau de toilette ($60 for 3.4 oz.,
Flowery scents
American Beauty Beloved Red Rose ($40,
Estee Lauder Beautiful eau de parfum purse spray ($80,
If you like to smell super sexy…
…go woodsy. “When you blend flowers with patchouli or sandalwood, you get an extremely sexy fragrance,” says Agnes Mazin, who creates scents for NYC’s Drom Fragrances. “To me, woodsy smells are unexpected on a woman,” says Jennifer Hazelton, 24, of San Diego, “so they add a little mystery.”
Woodsy scents
Queen by Queen Latifah eau de parfum ($59 for 3.4 oz.,
Nanette by Nanette Lepore eau de parfum ($68 for 2.5 oz.,
Woodsy scents
Essence Narciso Rodriguez eau de parfum ($100 for 3.3 oz.,
Twilight Sarah Jessica Parker eau de parfum ($38 for 1 oz.,
Woodsy scents
Prada L’Eau Ambree eau de parfum splash deluxe ($117 for 2.7 oz.,
Moschino Glamour eau de parfum ($62 for 1.7 oz.,
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Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 6 years 24 weeks
J'adore is my favorite from Dior.
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 25 weeks
Yessss, a Dior girl!!! ;) :hug:
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 25 weeks
:true: about the Dior one! Mine too is like that ;-)
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 26 weeks
My fav perfum has always been Jean Paul Gaultier Classique' Between the fab smell and the look of the bottle - i don't know if i'll ever change. But i use it for day only. Night out with the gurlz i wear Dior Hypnotic Poison. i get a lot of, shall we say, attention when i wear it ;)
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 26 weeks
great collection - thank you - Dee - for years i hv been using Shalimar fm Guerlain - now it is "too sweet" already - i use Jicky ;) (also Guerlain)