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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this -
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Pet Peeves: Can I Put My Moisturizer on My Dogs' Paws?

Q: My dog's paw pads are super dry, so dry they're nearly cracking. I know cold weather is coming soon and this will worsen — can I rub some of my lotion or Vaseline on them?

A: I commend your concern for bow owwies on the paw pads but you need to be careful what you rub him down with. Maybe you also want to sweeten them up, corn chip smell and all, but step away from your perfumed lotion! Search for a good pad moisturizer (Samson likes Opie and Dixie's healer) or ask your vet if the problem is severe. Not only can human hand moisturizer soften the pads too much for extra slips or slides, but the ingredients may also be harmful if ingested (read: licked).

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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this - Opinions: Pro/Anti Car Window Down with Your Pup in the Car? Cat has a broken leg... Boerboel going bald! My dog is extremely needy! My dog is a jumper... and weighs 90 lbs! OUCH! Any advice for a husky/shepherd mix that is now 1.5 years old?
VMiami VMiami 3 years 41 weeks
Holistic solution: Coconut Oil! They sell it special at doggie supermarkets, but regular coconut oil from the supermarket is exactly the same and much cheaper. It's solid and melts with the heat of your hand and all natural in case pooch starts licking his paws. Ironically, also good for their digestion.
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I use the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Skin Treatment, which is organic and chemical free) daily on all my dogs' paw pads, twice/daily in the winter months. It has replaced 2 pad protector products I've used for years, both of which were extremely expensive. The dogs' pads are now soft, pliant and healthy. No dry spots; no cracks so they injure their pads a lot less than before when running and digging and playing. Heck, even walking them used to tear up their pads. And it isn't a struggle to apply a thick gunk and then spend all the time rubbing it in to each toe pad and dew claw pad real good so they don't gunk up the floor, carpets and beds. 6 dogs in less than 5 minutes. Thank you Made from Earth!
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Try Bag Balm... it's in a green tin, pretty cheap. Originally made for cows but the stuff helps with cuts and skin irritations and is really good for helping soften the paws. It's also pretty thick and actually stays on the paws. You can find it pretty much everywhere - I think I bought my last tin from Walmart even.