PetCo, Bento Boxes and Weight Loss

I have been VERY busy with my new job at PetCo. So far I am enjoying working there, they (at least my store) take immaculate care of the animals and everyone that I work with is really great!

Another plus besides finally gaining on the money front is that I am so busy running around at work that I am staying in good shape even when I don't get a chance to jog. Which by the way has been going really well when I get a chance, even if it is only once a week or so.

A while back (about a year ago) I got really into Bento box making. I over the summer I never really had an opportunity to make them, but now that I am back to work I make them all the time! I don't know why I have never talked about them before because they are a great fun way to watch portions and get all of those healthy foods in!

For those who do not know packing a bento box is a Japanese practice. When making a bento you should strive to incorporate a range of colour and beauty with the foods. I have been dying to show you some photos of my cute boxes but my memory card for my camera is acting funny and won't read. So until I get a new one you will have to do with some random photos of bentos like mine (but are not made by me). A great sight that can enlighten you to more is....
oh and another is...

Anyways between work and my bentos full of great foods in proper portions I have been doing great! (Did I mention that bentos are FUN to make!

180lbs starting weight
149.0lbs current
31lbs lost
8lbs to my healthy range
14lbs to go till my goal of 135lbs
5'3" height

Not bad! I am sooo excited and I feel great! Defiantly some bento pics to come, when I get a new card or find my other one!

Traditional BentoTraditional Bento

Modern American Bento, thanks to JokergirlModern American Bento, thanks to Jokergirl

Cute bento with great colour, thanks to pikkopotsCute bento with great colour, thanks to pikkopots

Cute Hello Kitty bento! Thanks to TrekkiegirlCute Hello Kitty bento! Thanks to Trekkiegirl

HappyKate HappyKate 7 years 38 weeks
Why thank you! Good to hear from you wren!
wren1 wren1 7 years 38 weeks
You are doing so great work toward reaching your goal--congrats!! I'm glad that you're liking your job, and those Bento Boxes are fantastic. What a great idea. Keep up the great progress!! :D