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Make a No-Bake Pupcake For a Special Birthday Treat!

Some special Sugar pup is celebrating his seventh birthday on Saturday — North! I bend the rules for my pup (and myself) and allow an extra "sweet" treat to honor the day. Inspired by Francesca and Sharkey's cupcake creation, I made up my own "pupcake" with seven layers . . . one for each year! Curious what's inside, and if North loved it? Follow along and see!

PetSugar's Original Seven Layer Pupcake RecipeThe GoodsPupcake HolderLayer 1: Mmmm, PumpkinLayer 2: Get SaucyLayer 3: Cookie SurprisesLayer 4: The Real (PB) DealLayer 5: CheeriosIt's Looking Good!Layer Six: Banana Nana, Boo BooLayer Seven: Berry GoodCandle SafetyNom Nom Nom Nom . . . Save Some For LaterDo You Think He Liked It?
alba1 alba1 6 years 33 weeks
the cake looks good....North is adorable
Happsmjc Happsmjc 6 years 33 weeks
What a wonderful idea! I'm def. doing this for the next birthday, I like it so much better than doggie cakes and people ice cream (so bad, but he loves it!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORTH!!!! He looks so happy!
Angelica Angelica 6 years 33 weeks
This looks yummy. I'd probably have to take out the bones, but I'd love to try this myself :)