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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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Photos: OPI "Eiffel For This Color"

Eiffel For This Color is from OPI's La Collection De France. This has become my new go-to polish for my toes. The color, depending on the lighting, switches. When outside the color looks like a dark cool plum; if indoors in room lighting, the color is more dark plum with red undertones. It is a lovely color for the season. Also, it has not chipped once in the last 10 days, though it would most likely chip after 3 days on hands. I recommend using the OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat; it seems to protect the polish much better than others I have tried.

Photos: OPI "Eiffel For This Color"Photos: OPI "Eiffel For This Color"Photos: OPI "Eiffel For This Color"Photos: OPI "Eiffel For This Color"
tdsollog tdsollog 7 years 34 weeks
Great color. Appropriate for fall. I have a lot of colors from OPI, too.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 7 years 34 weeks
Beautiful color!!
ayuninur ayuninur 7 years 34 weeks
CCee CCee 7 years 34 weeks
I love the colour in your toes!
lucyS lucyS 7 years 34 weeks
I have this exact same colour and I also have it on my toes. It's awesome. I also bought the Louvre me, Louvre me not which is great for the fingernails.
sofi sofi 7 years 34 weeks
This is very pretty. I am actually wearing " be 25 again" by OPI that I found on clearance at Ulta a few weeks ago. The colors are very similar so I wonder if that 's why it was on clearance. I love all your nail colors :)
CocoChic CocoChic 7 years 34 weeks
I love the name. OPI has the best named polishes.
scully22 scully22 7 years 34 weeks
I love this color! I have something similiar that's Sally Hansens brand and I wear it on my toes and get lots of compliments on it!!! Which is a miracle because I have the worlds fugliest feet :)
almost-famous almost-famous 7 years 34 weeks
Although I'm not much of a pedicure gal, it is pretty :) ♥Make-up Mistress♥