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This is baby Zoey, only 5 months old and adorable!
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Milo and Minou

When did you get your cats and what are their breeds?
I adopted Minou on December 31, 2005. He was a wonderful way to bring in a new year. He's a tabby from the tough streets of Chicago. A few months later, wee Milo came along. He's a Munchkin, which is a breed with short legs. He definitely has a Napoleon complex.

What's your daily cat routine?
Milo is my alarm clock. He saunters through the house around 6am, meowing until he wakes me. It's cute and annoying at the same time. Then both cats get on the bed and demand attention. The moment my feet hit the floor, they whine until they're fed. Then there is litter to be cleaned. It's very glamorous, all of it.

What's your cat’s favorite food, pastime, and treat?
The boys' palates are not so sophisticated. They prefer dry food to wet, unlike most cats I've known. Sometimes they get crazy and have some tuna. Lately, they are obsessed with the mosquito hawks in the apartment. Minou chirps at them a lot, but both cats are not the most effective hunters.

What was your all-time favorite moment with your cats?
Minou — that scoundrel escaped and was missing for a day and a half. I put up LOST CAT signs, and it turns out he was at the neighbor's house. I was never so happy to see him, and we now have an agreement that he's not to go on walkabouts.

Milo — Anytime he stands up on his hind legs. Munchkins are supposed to do it frequently, but he doesn't. It's a treat whenever he surprises us with bipedalism.

Does your cat tweet or blog?
Milo is a prolific writer. He has a tiny mouse secretary upload his posts at Milo Minousky's Munchkinland. Minou sometimes hacks into Milo's blog to defend himself from his brother's libelous charges.

Milo and MinouMilo and MinouMilo and MinouMilo and MinouMilo and MinouMilo and MinouMilo and Minou
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This is baby Zoey, only 5 months old and adorable! Hi my name is Karma! Hi My name is Kole! Cold Winter Morning!!! Post Dog fetching on stairs my 3 girls